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How to easily export MacOS contacts to a CSV file

After searching for the solution to this question I thought I would share with you the absolute easiest way to export your Contacts from your Mac to a CSV file so you can upload it to another database or keep as a backup.

Many search results for this question yield amazingly complicated solutions.  Usually they require you to create an export to vCard, download 3rd-party software or use an online tool and then run your contact list through that insecure tool to produce a CSV file that you can eventually upload to your new destination.  Some have even suggested creating a bloody script!  Seriously, nobody wants to write code to do one of the most common data transfers on earth. Moving contacts from device to device has been a regular requirement since mobile phones were invented. Remember trying to move contacts in and out of your RAZR flip phone?  I do.

So here I will outline how to make exporting MacOS contacts to a CSV in as simple as possible with no 3rd-party intervention:

How to export Mac Contacts to CSV

  1. Open Contacts

  2. Open Numbers, create new spreadsheet

  3. In Contacts, select all contacts

  4. Drag all contacts to the new spreadsheet

  5. In Numbers, export to CSV


I hope this has helped you as it helped me.  It was super frustrating to think that there was no simple way and so I had to dig deep on the web to find this solution.  Hopefully you found this article with little effort and it has worked for you.

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