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How To Downgrade iTunes 11 to 10.7 on OSX

I put this list together the hard way.  Below is a simple method to downgrade iTunes 11 to 10.7 on OSX 10.6.8.  Two files need to be downloaded, Pacifist and iTunes 10.7, but its quick and painless.  It might work on other versions of OSX as well but I have not tested it yet.  If you get it to work, let me know in the comments.

  1. Delete the iTunes app from the Applications folder (in the Finder preview window, note the date it was modified).  You only need to delete the app file so if you have AppZapper or AppTrapp etc, just ignore the associated files.

  2. Download iTunes 10.7 and Pacifist.

  3. Open the 10.7 dmg file and you will see the ‘Install iTunes’ pkg file, drag it to the desktop.

  4. Launch Pacifist.

  5. Drag the pkg file to Pacifist and click Install from the menu bar.  During installation, two windows will pop up, select the checkbox and click Replace All each time.

  6. Go to folder /User/Music/iTunes/ and then open Time Machine. Go back in time to the lastest date before you installed version 11 and restore the ‘iTunes Library.itl’ file. NOTE: You might also be able to restore that file from /User/Music/iTunes/Previous Itunes Libraries/, check the modified date of the file to be sure.


  1. audioqualityreturned

    i just did this on a 24″ iMac and can confirm that this method works on 10.8.3, with the only exception being that step #5 involves pressing “replace” about 50 times, or as i did, holding down of the return key…… thanks for the info!

  2. Otto Ottosson

    Worked great!
    But i could not find the old ‘iTunes Library.itl’. But what the heck i just drag and drop all my files and iTunes imported them again without any problems. Of cource the playlist i had to redo but so what, i finally is back to a working iTunes.

    And one more thing, i had forgot how fast iTunes 10.7 was, soooooo cool.

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