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R.I.P. DVD: Six Reasons It’s Time for Discs to Die

PCWorld article

Here is a silly article from PC World about the new Mac Mini and the absence of a DVD drive.

Silly because its a tech site and should have a better idea of what people want in a computer.  It basically gives reasons why its time to kill off the optical drive like Apple is doing to its product line.

I can tell you from personal experience that a DVD drive in my Mini is absolutely, 100%, neccessary!

Not only is it the only way for me to watch movies from my large DVD collection, it is also the only way to rip them to a hard drive so I can watch them on my iPad or whatever.  Me, like most people, use the Mini as a HTPC.  It sits next to and is connected to my HDTV and stereo system.  The only way I would ever buy another one (and I wont until this one dies) is if it had Blue Ray drive instead.

Seriously, no DVD drive?  How are people supposed to use iDVD or iMovie or burn a mixed music disc for the car?  What about that awesome Garageband compilation that I want to use as a demo and hand out discs?

The article talks about the noise of an optical drive.  What about the noise of an external hard drive neccessary to replace the DVD as a backup source?

I can understand it not being needed in a laptop but a small form factor desktop is almost useless without it.

I see what Apple is doing and I dont like it.  They are trying to funnel everyone into their iTunes store as the only source of media.  I dont like it one bit.

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