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OS X 10.7 Lion Review

Well its not actually a review since I have not used the software yet. This is a review based on reviews and only to touch on the main topics.

A famous CEO said something like “all the competitors will fail trying to put a desktop OS on a mobile device (he was refering to tablets running Windows) because the interface is different. Now that same CEO is trying to do exactly what he cautioned against – one OS to rule them all.

Bring in the Lion.

There seems to be a lot of great desktop OS enhancements like AirDrop and Resume. But what’s with the touchscreen apps? LaunchPad seems like the result of getting high one night with the Apple developers and trying to figure out a clever solution for not having a ‘Start’ button to launch everything. They said ‘lets just take all the App icons and barf it out all over the screen so people can play the memory game and try to find the app they want.’

Yes, this was borrowed from iOS but it has a much different effect on a desktop with no touchscreen. If they insist on a springboard type of launch method then they could have at least merged the OSX settings into one ‘Settings’ app. Right now system stuff is all over the place, in the Apple menu, in the system preferences and in the utilities folder.

Time to give the nod of credit to the competition and make a simple little button that launches everything like the good ol’ Windows Start button. Oh, when times were much simpler….

Anyways, my general review of OS X Lion is a failure since it is trying to accomplish exactly what has already been critisized by the creator himself, Mr Jobs, merging OSs designed for different uses.

More to come if I ever decide to actually install it…..

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