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iPad 2 (white) Review

F**kin’ amazing! The end.

Ok, if you want me to elaborate let me start by describing the hardware.


Aluminum back with glass front makes it feel like amazing in the hand and gives you the Star Trek feeling when you look down on it and tap it with your fingers. It’s actually so smooth that it slips in your hand and fatigues your arm after holding more than a few minutes. You will find yourself using the iPad with two hands most of the time.

Then we turn it on. This is what touch-screens were born to do, run iOS. It is so natural to use that it makes an iPhone feel kinda useless. Just browsing the web in Safari is so easy and fun to use. No Flash is a bummer since most cool websites are in Flash but they usually have an App to compensate. My kid loves the iPad and he’s only 11 months old, he throws a fit when we take it away. Lots of cool interactive kids games and theres an app we can use to play all movie files. Fantastic on road trips! Other apps are just amazing on this tablet and I can honestly say, as a fanboy bashers, that I highly recommend this product. It will last a long time and well worth the money.

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