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OSX 10.6.6 and Why I Won’t Install It

OSX 10.6.6 comes with the Mac App Store, an idea borrowed from the success of the iOS App Store. I didn’t like it on the phone and refuse to install it on my MacBook. Why does everything on my computer need to be a ‘Store’? Theres iTunes, MobileMe and now the Mac App Store. Im still trying to figure out how to remove MobileMe from all the prefrence panes now Apple wants to take my credit card info so I can install Photoshop? Didn’t install Photoshop via the store? Are you sure? We will have to verify that before we unlock your Applications folder.

The future is near my friends, Apple will own your files if you install this update.

Baking in e-commerce to the OS is a terrible step towards losing privacy. Our computers represent what we are thinking, allowing a store to constantly monitor what we have installed in our machine is like have BestBuy manage our electricity use.

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