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My iPhone 3G Review

My initial view of the iPhone was that it was the ultimate cell phone, it was a computer in your pocket.

But after using it for some time I can tell you that I am pretty disappointed with the end result.

Its beautiful but fragile. Its smart but dumbed down. It looks useful but it isn’t. I think Apple has actually taken a great phone and broken it up into fragments to be released every 12 months.

Maybe im confusing things. The hardware is good, just a little too fragile for something we tend to drop once a week. It’s the iOS that I am disappointed with. No Flash, no Finder and all that iTunes/iPod crap. Why can’t they just have a generic media player app? Email app is called Mail, calendar is Calendar but music is called iPod and store is called iTunes. The mega branding is iDiotic.

In summary, it looks like a smartphone but it acts more like a toyphone. Its only useful if you jailbreak it, IMO. Who can depend on this for business? A make-or-break question for all smartphones should be – Can I sync My Documents?

Tell me how you feel, drop a comment or give me crap for bustin’ up your phone fantasy.

Update: With Dropbox now available on almost all platforms, this phone and all iPhones become much more useful for business users.  Access to your files via Dropbox is a great alternative to the missing Finder app.


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