Partners for Mental Health is a national charity accredited by Imagine Canada’s Standards Program, with the mission of transforming the way we think about, act towards and support mental health and those living with mental illness.

Partners for Mental Health creates and highlights opportunities for people to take action to effect fundamental changes that result in:

  • increased awareness and attention toward one’s own mental health
  • greater understanding, acceptance and support for people with
  • a mental health problem or illness
  • increased access to mental health services, treatment and support
  • better workplace policies
  • more funding for programs and services

Through its two national flagship initiatives, Right By You (focused on improving mental health and preventing suicide among youth, and Not Myself Today (building mentally healthy workplaces,, combined with the support of more than 72,000 people, Partners for Mental Health is catalyzing the single largest social movement addressing mental health in Canada.

Every dollar raised will allow Partners for Mental Health to provide tools and resources to engage families, communities and organizations in support of youth mental health and workplace mental health.

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